Why self-publishing

I wrote this small book as an introduction, before entering the domain of self-publishing. I thought it would be a convenient way for my future readers to know my work and life in the Maya Highlands of Guatemala, prior to putting out my articles and books. Self-publishing on Amazon immediately struck me as an enticing idea. I sometimes feel as if I am living in a forgotten outpost of the world. Being used to publications that often do not extend much outside of Guatemala, self-publishing would widen the scope of my work enormously. Since e-books provide instant global access, it could promote my work as an academic, writing about Maya culture from within, and at the same time drawing the att

Maya Studies with the Maya

Maya culture originated in Central America and Mexico. Long ago, but it reached a degree of civilization comparable to all other great cultures in this world. Recent investigations reveal that the level of urbanization was even higher than we thought it was. Then their culture shrank, a phenomenon labeled the ‘Maya collapse’. At one time it was believed that they had disappeared; now scholars know better. They are still alive; their descendants number in the millions. They still speak their own Maya language. In fact, their modern languages helped to decipher their ancient hieroglyphic texts. Once Maya lords and priests wrote in their idiosyncratic script about their great achievements, abou

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