Chama-style pottery

Roll-out by Justin Kerr This is an image from a Chama-style piece of ceramics. It represents a gato de monte, some type of fox. There is a variety of fox-like creatures on Chama ceramics. It’s the Maya way of representing history: a ruling lineage called Fox. In the Classic Maya language named Ch’amak, from which Chama took its name. A beautiful rendering of what I have called a ‘lineage history Esta es una imagen de una pieza de cerámica de estilo Chama. Representa un gato de monte. Hay una variedad de gatos de monte en la cerámica Chama. Es la manera maya de ilustrar historia: un linaje gobernante llamado Gato de Monte. En el idioma maya clásico llamado Ch'amak, del cual Chama deriva su no

The benefits of ancient history for modern Maya people

El valor significativo de la historia antigua para los pueblos mayas del presente International aid agencies in Guatemala have centered a lot of their help on the Maya people, a marginalized group whose history has been systematically suppressed, to the point of being annulled. Yet, many projects focus on the recovery of their recent history, of the years of civil war, without taking into account the benefits of ancient history. Its positive vantages seem practically absent in their discussions or in the theoretical framework of their projects. Why the need of focusing on the remote past? For an obvious reason. This history may be old, but those who receive it are present-day people. A lifel

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