The Birth of Sun and Moon

Maya Creation Stories The Maya have fascinating myths about creation; the creation of the universe, the mountain, maize and people made of maize. They at least go back 2000 years. Many Maya scholars – often working far from the Maya world – have uttered their doubts about modern Maya being the keepers of ancient cosmological concepts. If they would work with Maya people they would drop these doubts. It does not come as a surprise: religious concepts belong to the realm of the categories of understanding, the fundament of thought that endures the passing of ages. This time the workshops were about creation stories, and the ones that were still told in their communities. There is an engrossing

Reconstructing Maya History and Religion with the Maya people

In 2019 we started our educational project together with the local NGO Loq’laj Ch’och’ or “Sacred Earth” in Q’eqchi’ Maya, funded by the Gerda Henkel Stiftung. This two-year educational initiative strives to regain Maya identity and to strengthen community integration and political agency through the recovery and systematization of historical knowledge in Q’eqchi’ Maya communities in lowland Guatemala. The Q’eqchi’ are one of the most populous of the twenty-three Mayan language groups in Guatemala. What makes this initiative unique is the participation of teachers, community leaders and activists as direct agents in the production and conducting of historical knowledge. We work with three Ma

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