May 23, 2018

Roll-out by Justin Kerr 

This is an image from a Chama-style piece of ceramics. It represents a gato de monte, some type of fox. There is a variety of fox-like creatures on Chama ceramics. It’s the Maya way of representing history: a ruling lineage called Fox. In the Cl...

May 11, 2018

Al final del Clásico, en la costa del Golfo de México – Tabasco y Campeche – se formó una nueva élite mercantil, la que estuvo integrada por linajes teotihuacanos, mayas, olmeca-xicalancas y nonoalcas. Dicha élite difundió la nueva ideología mercantil surgida de dos co...

El valor significativo de la historia antigua para los pueblos mayas del presente

International aid agencies in Guatemala have centered a lot of their help on the Maya people, a marginalized group whose history has been systematically suppressed, to the point of being a...

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We just launched this website, together with my friend Juan Moncada, designer of the site. I am curious to hear what you think about it.

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Welcome to the Maya Heartland

April 30, 2018

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